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Click on the icon above for a comprehensive article on Thumbsucking entitled, 

              "That Little Thumb Can Do an Awful 
       Amount of Damage",  by Shari Green, C.O.M.  

This article has appeared in multiple publications, 
and has been read by
hundreds of parents and professionals, 
and is one of the most 
comprehensive and popular articles on the topic 
of thumb-sucking on the web.
Click on the icon above for Shari's 2010 evidence-based research article.
This 16 page evidence based research article, published in the 2010 Journal of Orofacial Myology, details a meticulous study of 441 of Ms. Green's digit sucking clients over a 10 year period, and their behaviors reported pre and post habit. 

This study confirms earlier research that a significant portion of children who utilize a positive based habit elimination approach not only eradicate their habit expediently (92.7% in the first 24-48 hours per Ms. Green), but experience a significant increase in self-esteem. It also confirms that 98-99% of all digit sucking children in her program who suck beyond age 4 exhibit a tongue thrust swallow pattern or low rest posture of the tongue. This confirms much of Ms. Rose Van Norman's (Shari's mentor and friend) earlier work in 1997, and provides new research on reported articulation concerns and specifics in common parental techniques often utilized in the past that lead to failure in habit elimination, increasing negativity or activation of the negative spiral.

Click on PDF symbol above to view a copy of an industry professional interview article from 
"Hygienetown/Dentaltown", Sept. 2010, by Trisha O'Hehir, RDH, MS, Editorial Director, Hygienetown Magazine

Click on  PDF Icons above to view abstracts from Pub Med of professional/research articles published by Shari Green in The International Journal of Orofacial Myology, or the full article from the 2010 Journal Article

Please note that any overviews of articles were not written by myself, but independent reviewers of the articles, so any references to treatment or diagnosis/etiology of disorders was independent of the actual full article content. I cannot choose the wording the reviewers utilize, unfortunately, in their synopsis. 
Click on Icon above for an article review of "Baby Talk"-An interesting review of an article the beautiful and amazing  process of language and Child Development.
Click on blue note sound Icon above to hear the extensive 30 minute interview on thumbsucking.

To visit Tracey's parenting website directly, 
click on the white link above. 

Tracey is a child development expert who interviewed Shari in 2008 
for her radio Podcast "Family Matters".
 This Podcast and Tracey's practice is devoted to Parenting and Childhood. Thank you Tracey, for a WONDERFUL interview!

The following images above can be printed off via computer and read. The first above is basically about thumbsucking elimination from Pioneer Press, next is Kim Mikus's article about the business of thumbsucking elimination from The Daily Herald, and finally the third is on Socialization and Thumbsucking that I wrote.
Click Below For An Article About Childhood Thumbsucking also published on Diane Bahr's "Ages and Stages"
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