Yes, You CAN do it... 
...and I Would Love to Help!
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Shari Green, Certified 
Orofacial Myologist 

Current President, 
International Association 
of Orofacial Myology

    President of the International Association of Orofacial Myology 



A positive, fun, proven, and effective program for thumb & finger sucking 

& to help assist with other oral habits including tongue thrust, & nailbiting. 

"Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy" for tongue thrust behavior patterns

Main office:
The Grove Medical Center
4160 Il Rt. 83
Suite 203
Long Grove, Il

Satellite office:
The Forum
Medical Center
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Chicago, Il

"Thumbprints" above and below in the roofs of children with a thumbsucking habit.
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Are you interested in your child participating in the thumbsucking, nail biting, or finger sucking program, but are a little short on finances right now? 

Special pricing available to accommodate families who are willing to immediately take a last minute cancellation. Call for more details

90-95% of clients in 
The  Thumb and Finger sucking Elimination Program Significantly Alter or Stop Their Thumb or Fingersucking Habit in the First 3 Days!


Mara I celebrating 30 days no thumbsucking with a cupcake party . The smiles shared together say it all!  Couldn't your child be the next success?

         IAOM Certified 
Orofacial Myologist
Retired Dental Hygienist 
20+ years
      Current President of the International Association of Orofacial Myology

      Allow me the joy & the gift of helping your child conquer one of the biggest challenges  they may face
 in their life in a fun, positive way!

     Five visit habit programs 
     for thumbsucking, finger 
   sucking, & nail-biting.

    Tongue thrust programs will require signifiCantly more than 5 visits, based on the individual & the nature of their tongue thrust. 

A Certified Orofacial Myologist is trained extensively to address the tongue thrust habit.

I love working with ALL types of fingers...
Not just thumbs! (Ouch!)
And, I work with nailbiting habits in adults as well...
If you look hard enough, you can almost picture that little thumb up in the roof working it's magic! It's time for this child's thumb to find a new home! And, I would love to help!

Sadly, some children will sit on the sidelines and avoid social situations out of fear of being teased. If your child is starting to avoid the company of others due to their thumb, and they are ready to stop their habit, I'd love to meet them. 

Illustrations above by Ilana Green, illustrator
Phone: (847) 641-4444

Helping individuals break oral habits in a fun, positive, and amazing way since 1998!

Initial photo of client entering 
the thumbsucking program  & 
photo at 70 days participation 

Contact us at:
Phone:  (847) 641-4444 
Fax: (847) 383-4335

 Yes, you CAN do it!
"The Thumblady" TM  can help!

"Thumbs up" to a great 
family for a job well done!
 I am so proud! 
Great work!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see your child sitting on this sofa 30 days from now celebrating what may be one of the biggest accomplishments and successes of their life? I would love to be the person to help your family!

Sometimes the hardest part is just making the phone call!

These thumbs above look very different. I think one of them isprobably "watered" more than
 the other...Don't you? 
This longer wrinkled appearance is common in many of my clients.

I call this a 
"very loved" thumb!
Yes, you are correct...this was my old home page. It had so many great photos I decided to keep it in circulation on the new update to the site. Enjoy!
Ask your dentist, pediatrician, dental hygienist, or speech pathologist about the habit program!