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"This program has been a lifesaver! We did not know where else to turn... This week was the first time in years my daughter has played basketball with the neighbors. Before, she would just sit on the lawn and suck her thumb and watch... I'm convinced it was the 3rd party intervention. Thank you!"

Mrs. A, Lake Zurich

"Shari is a lifesaver. Matt has done tremendously. He is a different person. His teachers have even noticed the change... Matt has done so well... He has matured."

Mrs. M, Arlington Heights

"If someone would have told me that Jacqueline would stop sucking her thumb on the very first night, I would have 'NEVER!' But she did, and has never again put her thumb in her mouth. We owe mostly all our thanks to Shari Green, and a portion to Jacqueline for having the willpower that Shari helped enourage. Thank you again!"

Mrs. L, Long Grove


Mrs. B, Kildeer

"Your treatment is better than a miracle!"

Mrs. C, Chicago

"Someone came up to me on the deck at Club Med and gave me your name when they saw my son's thumb in his mouth. It was a grandma of a child you treated in Northbrook."

Mrs. C, Winnetka

"Word on the street is you're a miracle worker. Not only is Ava not sucking her thumb, but she's sleeping thru the night in her own bed. Thank you, thank you so much! My brother and sister in-laws are thrilled and Ava is really proud of herself! Thank you. I owe you one!"

Mrs. C, Chicago


And Here's What The Kids Say...

When asked the question, "How do you feel?", here are some of the responses:

I feel...

"Not just good. I feel GREAT. What do you think if I have been sucking my thumb for 7 years and now if I stop?"




"Pretty good"


 "I'm proud of myself"


"I didn't know if I could do it, but I DID IT!"


"Really good"




9F - “Amazing that it worked immediately. Change in her personality has been wonderful”

6F - “She is more energetic and has more self esteem”

6M - “Very proud of himself and we’re delighted!

5M - “My skeptical husband is amazed so thank you for everything”

4/6F - “My relatives, friends, husband, and I were skeptical. We didn’t think it would work for our kids because they were so 'addicted'. We are so impressed, thankful, and proud! It worked beautifully”

7F - “The combination of physical barriers, multiple and personal support, layered and overlapping, is very effective”

7M - “We are so grateful...As he put it, ‘We needed a professional’”

9F - “The outside influence made all the difference”

9M - “I wish we tried this earlier”

6M - “I was pleasantly surprised how easy the program was”

7F - “So beneficial to have a third party...helped break the habit with a detailed plan, ...the goals were realistic and attainable”

8F - ...is hard for parents to accomplish alone”


5M - “My child and I have a much better relationship now. Before the program, (my son’s) habit irritated me to the point where I didn’t even want to be around him. I was tired of hearing myself nag at him all day about his annoying habit. I had no patience for it anymore. And this I am sure did not help his self esteem...ever since the program I feel so much closer to him and love to be with him and really enjoy his company. I’m not nagging him anymore and our relationship and his self esteem is only greater. Thank you”

F8 - “Mouth exercises an unexpected benefit”

F9 - “The program was worth every penny because you’d be surprised what other good things come from this program”

F5 - “This is the most magical process that gives all the players a chance to work together to build comfort and confidence”

F5 - “I feel (health professionals) should be made aware of this service and allow their patients to have alternatives to stopping this problem. I never thought I would see the day when (my daughter) wasn’t sucking anymore”

F5 - “Your program is an asset to the medical and dental profession...a painless and positive experience”

F8 - “...support and attentiveness to all of us were really incredible, and the ‘mouth exercises’ provided seemed to make a difference...”

F6 - “The multi-pronged approach is definitely what made (my daughter) successful...the reminders, the encouragement, the sense of accountability, the rewards. It was extremely important to have the objective outside person to tell her she could do it and to mediate”

M6 - “I couldn’t believe it all happened so fast!”

F9 - “Thank you for helping us do what we couldn’t do on our own”

M8 - “(Before the program my son) would not do certain camp activities because he NEEDED to suck his thumb!”

F6 - “This program helped (my daughter) in so many ways. Her self-confidence soared and her attention at school was greatly improved”

M5 - “He has benefited from this in more ways than one!”

F9 - “ It really was amazing that in one day (my daughter) could break a 9 year habit! It is truly a miracle that something could help so quickly!”

F9 - “This is a habit we were never sure of how she would overcome. She has gained a new sense of maturity and we are very grateful”

Doesn't YOUR child deserve a REAL chance at success, too?