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Shari Green, COM

Certified Orofacial Myologist

Past President,

International Association of Orofacial Myology

Noted Researcher

in Orofacial Myology

Current Member of

Board of Examiners of IAOM

IAOM Professional Instructor

on Oral Habits

Oral Habit Elimination, Including Tongue Thrust, Thumb and Finger Sucking, Nailbiitng, and Tethered Oral Tissue Prep and Post Care for Tongue & Lip Ties

Helping others with conquering their oral habits and tongue thrusting is my passion....and I have been enthusiastically helping thousands of children and adults overcome this issues for over 2 decades. Sometimes, you just need a little help. And, it is OK to ask for help... I would love to help you and your family! 

If you are new to this process, and you have never heard of this therapy, rest assured this little known therapy is gaining recognition in the medical and dental communities. Why? Because research has recently confirmed what we as a profession for 50 years have known for decades. Low tone of the facial muscles or poor oral resting positions of the tongue, lips, and jaws can lead to bite issues, altered facial growth and development, and Improper functional breathing habits. Even sleep quality can be effected! The causes? Anything that causes the tongue to rest low. This is often associated with mouth breathing, tongue tie, & that little pacifier, finger, or thumb pushing a tongue down during sucking or nail-biting. Tongues belong in the roof, not resting in the floor of the mouth. And, you should swallow in the roof, too! 

When you visit my office, you can be assured that you will receive compassionate care from an experienced myofunctional practitioner who understands HOW to assist you, will offer you positive and effective strategies, and will work with you and your lifestyle to achieve the best possible outcome. I do NOT run a large clinic. My office is small and personal, and you are always assured that because of this, you will always receive the highest quality of care, attention, and enthusiasm.  And, I will always approach this in a positive, and non threatening way. Promise.

In practice... for over two decades. Trusted by hundreds of local physicians, dentists, speech and occupational therapists, and other health practitioners who understand the connection between oral habits, tongue thrust, tongue tie,  and their impact on facial growth and development.

Of course...the child who sucks their finger or thumb past age 4 can feel so defeated. That is where I step in as a 3rd person to help you in a fun, positive way. I can't wait to help you & your family! Sometimes just making the call is the hardest part.

Never heard of tongue thrust before? You are not alone! Eventhough research shows it effects about 30% of the population, it is usually only detected after the bite has opened or changes in the mouth or facial growth become evident over time. But, once it is recognized, therapy can help! 

The Thumbsucking and Fingersucking Program is 5 sessions in length. There are five visits initial visit, followed by 4 additional sessions over the next 60 days. Be prepared to spend about 1 hour 15 minutes at our first session while we discuss any habits, and map out your personalized strategies. You will receive all the supplies you need for the program and we can begin that day! If you or your child are ready and really, really want to stop, I cannot wait to begin the process! My philosophy is can never FORCE someone to stop. They must WANT to stop. Ask you yourself or your you WANT to stop?...If the answer is, "Yes, but it is SO hard!"...I want to meet you or your child! When someone is ready, we will approach this is a POSITIVE, FUN, and LOVING manner. And, if your child is the one with the habit, will be present and at your child’s side... I wouldn't want it any other way!

The person with an oral habit who is ready to stop in my practice remediates usually their habit 24-48 hours after their initial session. In fact, a study published in The Intl. Journal of Orofacial Myology of 441 patients ages 4 and up showed that 93% of patients admitted to my thumb program remediated their oral habit in the first 24-48 hours! IJOM 2010, V36, p. 54

If your doctor/dentist/speech therapist has referred you to my practice for tongue thrust or tethering, that is great! If you are seeking a consultation, let's take the next step. The best way to set up your first session is over the phone. (847) 641-4444. We will find a time that works. During that session I will meet with you (and if for your child, you and your child) and even begin to address your concern with assessment and exercises to do at home that day. You can also arrange to receive all your supplies ahead of our session as well if you are ready to move forward that very day. Returning appointments can often be scheduled for after school, after work...on teleconference.  

FYI...Some individuals who claim to be "myofunctional therapists" will take a 3 day course and claim to be proficient in providing this therapy. I assure you that a 3 day course will just not cut it! Please know, a Certified Orofacial Myologist is THE qualified practitioner for orofacial myofunctional issues. Years of training and experience really do make a difference! Do this right the first time...The average tongue thrust should actively correct in 12-18 sessions in a healthy person with the capability to nasal breathe.