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OK...So, Who is “The Thumblady”?

All About "The Thumblady" ™

Let me tell you a little about my start. I began my professional career as a registered dental hygienist. After being in practice for awhile, I began to notice that many of my Clients were struggling with all types of oral habits. Nail biting...thumb name it! They needed a plan, and they needed someone who could devote the vast time and energy to help them succeed at that plan on a more personal basis. It is difficult to conquer such a complex issue. And they really needed a little extra-special help. I felt I could fill that role. After all, I love kids, love talking on the phone (my habit clients check in daily), I'm a quick learner, and I just wanted to do something with my life that was fun, positive, and changed people's lives. Voila'...this was it! I retired from my career in dental hygiene in 1997 and went on to receive my specialty training in Orofacial Myology & a certification (C.O.M. TM) through the International Association of Orofacial Myology in 1998. I was on my way!

A lot as happened since that time.

It’s been an exciting journey...

People were really interested in what orofacial myology was all about. So, over the years the good people at The Daily Herald, The Countryside, NBC news, Fox News, PEOPLE, Seventeen Magazine, New Yorker, Scholastic, Dental Town, Jewish Family Parenting, Mom Talk Radio, Dr. Oz Sharecare, Mind Body Radio, and even the TV news magazine 2020 wanted to hear more. You can imagine all the families all that "out there" reached, and my practice grew, and grew, and GREW as word of mouth quickly spread of this magical program parents seemed to be searching for.’s been a wonderful journey...

and as they say, the rest is history.

This press and the fabulous families who have touched my life with their awe-inspiring successes have allowed me the privilege to do this simply amazing work every single day for the past 20+ years!

Thank you all for visiting my site. I hope I someday get the opportunity to help you or your family if you are still struggling with your oral own habit.

Help really IS out there...and I would LOVE to help!

♥ Shari, aka, "The Thumblady"

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The office is located at 4160 Illinois Route 83, Suite 203, Long Grove, Illinois. The satellite office is located in Chicago at 4200 W. Peterson Ave. Suite 116 in Chicago. After the initial session, online sessions can be arranged as well as in person sessions. Please click on the form below for more info, or contact us at (847) 641-4444.